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Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

"Addidoku is such a fun and addicting puzzle game!"
   - Leanna Lofte, iMore.com

"A great puzzle app for people who like Kakuro, Sudoku and Kenken."
   - Tom Cutrofello, gottasolveit.com

"What a nice little app for the morning commute!"
   - Anthony North

Are you smart enough to play Addidoku? There is only one way to find out.

Addidoku is a unique puzzle game, especially designed for the touch interface of your phone and tablet. The innovative game mechanics are both simple and elegant, allowing for deeply challenging and rewarding gameplay. The game is in the same genre as Sudoku, but the actual experience is very different.

It doesn’t matter where you are, or how much time you have to spend. On the bus, standing in line, chilling on your sofa, in a work meeting or sitting comfortably on the porcelain throne. With Addidoku in your pocket you can always challenge your mind.

Sneak peek at the gameplay:


  • ★  Addicting gameplay
  • ★  Puzzles divided into four difficulty levels
  • ★  180 free puzzles to solve
  • ★  A total of 400 puzzles available through In-App Purchases
  • ★  Crisp, fresh graphics and a smooth interface
  • ★  Tutorial video to get you started
  • ★  Detailed instructions

Addidoku is available on the App Store.